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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Planting Strawberries In An Old Chicken Feeder

I have always wanted to grow strawberries though never had much luck with them. So here I go again, I'm giving it another try.  I've seen people using old chicken feeders to grow herbs and flowers.  I got to thinking, I have an old feeder in a junk pile.  It's not in great shape and has some holes and is missing the grate on the top, but I think it will work fine for what I want to do with it.  When we moved to this old farm we inherited a lot of old junk with the place.  The old saying one man's junk is another man's treasure is very true.  I love junk, rusty, raggedy, peeling, and crackling, the older the better.  I like to re purpose and reuse.  When I asked Larry to help me pull the chicken feeder out of the junk pile, he gives me that look (you girls know the look) what do want with that old thing?  We bent the feeder back into shape, put a new leg on one side and I was ready to begin.

  First I began by getting the dirt ready to put in the feeder. I got the wheel barrow and dumped in a bag of potting soil I had sitting around, some composted chicken manure and a little sand, I mixed that all up with a shovel.

We drilled a few small holes in the bottom of the feeder to allow the water to run out and filled it with the dirt mixture.

Next I put in the strawberry plants.
Covered them with the dirt and watered each one.
I added straw to the finished product, what's a strawberry without straw.
While I was planting the strawberries. I had the Black Copper Marans free ranging.  They are so nosy, they can't hardly wait for me to finish so they can check it all out.
I don't know if the strawberries will do well in the old chicken feeder, but if the little bloom is any indication I'll at least get 1 berry.
 Oh well if the strawberries don't do well I'll try herbs.  It does look cute sitting on the porch of the brooder shed.  I hope to get this shed painted soon so imagine it being red...

What good ole junk do you have sitting around that you can re purpose?
Have a Great Day!

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