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Explore the blog, Then Check out our website
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Friday, May 3, 2013

The Farm Is Always A Work In Progress

Over this past year many changes have taken place here on the farm.  We're always trying to make it a better place to raise our birds.  It seems it's a constant work in progress.  Anything that makes things easier, faster and a more productive use of our time we are eager to embrace and change.  Last year we decided we needed extra room to raise all the different breeds that we have, so that meant building a new barn.  We began building it late summer or early fall.

Once the barn was up, Larry decides he can make it even better by adding an over hang on each side to keep the chicken runs dry, which makes for cleaner eggs and rain or shine the birds could be outside.  When the over hangs were finished Larry and our son Brandon computerized the barn to have automatic lights and doors.

 The barn was up and useable by the time winter set in but not really quite finished.  All winter the barn was powered by extension cords running across the ground and we had no running water at this barn.  We do have a water system but I'll need to explain that some other time.


So today we ran the water and electricity to the new barn.  Good thing Larry wears many different hats and today he had on his plumbers hat, he probably also has on his plumbers crack had I taken the photo form a different angel.  Poor man I'm hard on him.  

We also moved a shed to the farm last summer from in town.  It was given to us and we gladly excepted the offer but with that offer comes more work.  We plan to make this our brooder barn to raise and sell the chicks out of.  We now invite our customer into our Morton building to buy their chicks and it is always a mess in there and we have to feel the need to apologize when they walk through the door.  Larry has put a floor in the little shed, fixed the doors and installed a window.  We will soon give it a new paint job, some insulation, plug any holes and move the chicks in.
So today we also ran water and electric to the little shed.  Can't wait until it's painted red!

For all of you great customers we've had the opportunity to welcome to our farm, very soon we'll have the little shed ready to invite folks in.  We want you to know we appreciate you all and have enjoyed meeting each one of you.  My mom loves it when she's out here and chicken people come to buy chicks, she's always fascinated that we can stand and visit like we've known each other forever.  I look forward to meeting many more of you as I call and let you know your birds are ready for farm pickup.  If you've visited the farm in the past leave us a comment we enjoy hearing from you.  Well we better get back to work.   God bless.

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  1. The kids love the new barn, especially the color! Wish we could send Kyle to you as a laborer!