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Explore the blog, Then Check out our website
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I love gardening and each year we always plant a bigger garden than the two of us could possibly ever need.  We raised 3 kids and it was a necessity to plant a big enough garden to preserve enough fresh vegetables to last the winter.  I was a stay at home mom and we lived on one income and the budget was tight.  It really helped out a great deal to have the corn in the freezer and green beans in the jars sitting on the self not to mention how much better it tastes. Now the kids are all grown up and I'm still planting a garden big enough to feed our small town. 
If you look closely in this photo you can see proof  that chicken manure really works great.  The corn planted closest to the chicken pen is about 1 foot taller than the other end of the row.  We do spread a lot of chicken manure on the garden but apparently it could use even more.

We've planted the garden twice this year as you can see the first time was a total wash out, it rained so hard it cut ditches. 
I can't help but check the plants each day just waiting on that first ripe tomato, or that first crisp cucumber.  Within about a week we'll have more green peppers than we can possibly ever eat.

Looks like we'll have a few watermelons this year.  This baby watermelon is only about 4 inches long, the picture makes it look much bigger than it actually is.
Roma tomatoes make the best tomato juice of all.
Cucumber blossoms. 
Join us in the weeks to come as we begin to harvest and prepare some great fresh vegetables.


  1. Love seeing your garden--you always shoot great pics! thanks for sharing

    cindy in AZ

  2. looks great. Thanks for sharing. I plant more than I did afew years ago when had one child here. Been 5 yrs. since the last time planting with children at home. just have the feeling I should do more and more if possible. You never know. After last year it's good to have plenty at least so far. Deb