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Friday, October 25, 2013

Special Delivery

Every year here on the farm we meet some really great folks when they come to pick up pullets, chicks or hatching eggs.  This past summer we had an opportunity to deliver some poultry while traveling to the St. Louis airport in MO.  Not saying we deliver poultry but this day it happened to work out for all of us involved and pretty fun.
I loaded the truck with chickens, worked out some meeting destinations and off we went. 
First stop, Lattawatta Creek restaurant parking lot as we handed off the box of peeping chicks to the happy customer.   He had planned on coming to the farm to pickup his chicks]\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ but since we were heading his way we decided to meet.
As we headed to our next destination, we crossed the very swollen Mississippi river and the St. Louis Arch. 

  It's still amazing no matter how many times I've seen it.
 Next stop Lambert airport in St. Louis.  We decided to meet in the cell phone parking lot while also waiting on my in-laws that we are picking up.
As I'm passing off two boxes of young pullets to this happy customer, I turn around to find parked right behind me a police officer.  He says, I need to ask you what your doing.  I said, sir this is going to sound strange but I'm selling chickens here at the airport.  I felt the blood run from my face and I just knew how stupid that sounded.  I asked if he'd like to look in the box.  He seemed to believe me and said no he didn't want to see in the box.  I guess I looked like a chicken farmer and not a drug dealer.
It's never a dull moment and it brings a smile to my face when I think about it.  I just wish I would have asked to snap his picture, I was to busy trying not to look like a drug dealer.
I want to thank these great customers for allowing me to take their picture.  Hope your birds are doing well and it was nice to meet you.
 Have a great weekend.

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