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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree with Melissa

In our home the Christmas season begins just after Thanksgiving with our family setting out to find the perfect Christmas tree.  I love the smell of a fresh tree and can not imagine myself ever putting up an artificial one.  Our family usually has a bit of a trek to visit one of the few remaining Christmas tree farms in our area. This year was a little different since Aunt Angie offered to let us come out to their farm and cut one of the trees she and Larry planted several years ago.  The Chicken Scratch farm has a little bit of everything!  Most of the tree's still have some growing to do but there were a few that were just right.

On Saturday myself, the girls, my parents, and grandma all went and trudged out into the field to take a look at the trees.  My mom found a very cute one and so she and my dad cut it that day.  The girls and I also spied a perfect tree. Since my husband could not be with us that day we marked our tree with a chicken leg band (we were on a chicken farm), and came back the next day to cut the tree as a family.  Not only did the girls enjoy finding a tree, they also loved visiting with the chickens and getting a four wheeler ride from Uncle Larry.  

My Dad, Mom, and Grandma.

Mom and Eva next to her tree.

We may have been on the chicken farm to get a Christmas tree but Ella was sure to stop in and visit her feathered friends.

The girls favorite part of their trip to the farm.. four wheeler rides!

Cutting the tree!

We are so very blessed to have 3 healthy and happy girls!

Once home with the tree I put the lights on while the girls took their naps and then they put all of the ornaments on after they woke up.  With three young girls in the house the ornaments get moved around a lot.  By the time Christmas arrives we will probably only have ornaments on the top half of the tree and that is okay.

Our tree 2013.
It looks good now.. if I take another picture in an hour that will be a different story!
 Our tree looking less than perfect is just another reminder for me that Christmas is not about the tree, decorations, food, or gifts.  Even though we celebrate with traditions like finding the perfect Christmas tree, our family's main goal this time of year is to celebrate a truly perfect Savior.

How do you celebrate?  Leave us a comment and tell us, we love to hear from our readers!

God Bless!

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