Explore the blog, Then Check out our website

Explore the blog, Then Check out our website
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Free Giveaway - Manna Pro Poultry, 5 lb bag of Organic Starter Crumbles

Let's Do A Free Giveaway!!

Spring is just around the corner, I know it might not feel like it but in no time at all most of you will be thinking of taking care of baby chicks.  
Well, our good friends at Manna Pro Poultry are going to give two lucky winners the opportunity to try out a brand new product.
Two winners will receive one five pound bag of certified organic starter crumbles.  The lucky winners will be announced on March 20th. 
Complete the steps at the bottom of the page to get your name in the drawing. 
 Manna Pro®
Certified Organic Starter Crumbles
Start your flock off right with nutritious and wholesome ingredients.
  • USDA certified organic and non-GMO
  • 19% protein
  • Non-medicated
  • Ideal nutrition and quality for a natural, happy, 
    and healthy flock
  • Safe for mixed flocks including all classes of poultry
Complete the steps to put your name in the drawing
1. You need to be a follower of the Chicken Scratch Poultry Blog.
2. Like the Chicken Scratch Poultry Facebook page.
3.  Like the Manna Pro Poultry Facebook page.
4.  Leave us a comment and let us know why you would like to try this product.
Good Luck!!


  1. Looking forward to feeding my little chickies something that's good for them.

  2. Can't wait to use. ...first year with baby chick's

  3. OMG could soooo use this and perfect timing as the eggs in my incubator are due to hatch on March 20th!

    1. Hey Kristin,
      Your one of the lucky winners of the manna pro chick crumble. I'll need your address. You can email me at larry_angie@chickenscratchpoultry.com
      Thanks Angie

  4. I raise chicks yearly....would love to try these crumbles. Follow you on facebook, email, and started following Manna Pro. Blessings!

  5. I didn't know there was this type of chick feed actually. I feed non gmo to my flock so this would be great to try! I have chicks popping out all over the place right now since I started incubating and selling. I did all the requirements to enter :)