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Friday, August 23, 2013

4 Roosters + 2 Hens +3 Little Girls = Fun!

Hello from the Triple E chicken ranch! (Triple E for Ella, Emma and Eva)  Our six chick's are growing up very quickly.  They are almost 10 weeks old, and we can now tell that we hatched 4 roosters and 2 hens.  Our roosters have just started to learn how to crow.  They have been sleeping a little house in the garage and I can hear their scratchy crow early in the morning when they are ready to go out.  Since we ended up with so many roosters we may have to swap Aunt Angie a couple of roosters for a couple more hens.  All of our chickens are really friendly and we really hate to see any go, so we will have to just see what happens.

Our youngest chicken farmer is giving the chickens some love.

Princess Emma and her friends.

My oldest daughter Ella is now a self proclaimed chicken farmer.  Like most things concerning her she takes her tasks very seriously.  She likes to feed, water, and give the chickens daily check-ups.  Her favorite chicken named Little gets the brunt of her attention.  He is the most easily caught and so she can be seen packing him around quite often.  Here is a short video of her giving him a check-up.  As you can see she gives a very thorough check-up!

Since the chickens have grown so much they were in need of a more permanent residence.  We got them a very cute little coop!  They love to roam the yard eating bugs and dusting all over the place, so we plan to put them in the coop each night and let them out to "play" every morning.  The girls have been calling it the chicken "club house".  Here are some pictures of the coop construction.  Daddy had lots of help from his girls!

Emma saying, "Cheese!"

Ella cleaning up.
Emma likes the coop!

Putting on the finishing touches.

Like I have said a few times before.. we are really enjoying our backyard chickens.  I think they are making great pets for our girl's.  If you are considering getting chickens and are concerned about the time and care involved, I can honestly tell you that they have been far easier to care for than any other pet I have ever had.  We can't wait until the the hens start laying us some beautiful eggs, until then we are just enjoying the laughter and fun they are adding to our life!

If you are old or new to raising chickens (like I am) and have questions or comments leave us a comment below.  We LOVE comments!

Hope you have a very blessed weekend!



  1. Cute, My second oldest now 27 loved caring around chilckens.

  2. Looks like they are really enjoying the chicken life :-) Can't wait to play with the girls and the chickens!

  3. Your girls are so cute and I'm glad to know Ella is on the ball with their check-ups! I really like your chicken house too. Triple E chicken ranch is a great place for kids and chickens!