Thursday, October 27, 2016

Freezing Fresh Green Beans - No Blanching Method

My Green beans are still producing here late into October and I thought it would be a good time to share an easy way to freeze them without all the work of the blanching process.  Blanching is suppose to help vegetables keep their vibrant colors and flavors.  I've never liked blanched green beans, they always taste watery and I've found that it is unnecessary.  Your welcome to keep blanching if you think they need it.  I know all women over 60 are gasping and say you must blanch!

Simply pick, snap the stems off, snap the beans into small pieces (that really isn't necessary either) and wash the beans.  Lay them out  on clean dish towels and let them dry a little or pat dry with a towel.

Then stick them into freezer bags, push out all the air, seal and freeze.  I use a food saver, they are worth every penny.

Here are my frozen green beans from one year ago, they still look great and taste wonderful.  Thanks Judy Webb for teaching me the no blanch method.
Go ahead girls, throw in the towel, no more blanching your beans into a tasteless, mushy, green mess, just because someone said "you must blanch!"

Have a great day and say NO to Blanch!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Easy Goat Milk Ice Cream

This is the easiest ice-cream recipe ever.  If you don't have goat milk or just refuse to try it, you can sub in boring ole cow's milk.  The recipe is at the bottom of the page but first read a little information about the LaMancha breed.  

Over this past summer we have been trading eggs for goat milk form a local lady named Bethany Waier.  She has an interesting breed of goat called the LaMancha.  They are known for their lack of ears or what is called gopher ears.  The LaMancha are a good dairy goat that produce high butterfat in the milk.  They are very calm, quiet and have a gentle temperament.

Did you happen to know that most people if given the opportunity to try goat milk would never try it simply for the fear it might taste different.  When I tried the milk for the first time that Bethany brought us, if I had a glass of cows milk next to it I probably would have chosen the goat milk over the cow's milk because it tasted much better.  I always buy 2% cow's milk and it is a bit bland.
The goat milk does need to be used up quickly or it will begin to taste goaty.  Other than that it is great and better for you than cow's milk by far!

This is Bethany's Buck, Hugh.  Don't you just love his curly bangs!
I asked Bethany how much milk she gets per day and she said that each of her doe's can produce a little over a half gallon a day.  That's a lot of milk.
Hey you locals contact Bethany and buy some milk from her, this is one of the reasons I call this recipe Easy Goat Milk Ice-cream, because you don't have to milk the goat, or feed the goat, you just buy the milk...
I made homemade ice cream for my grand daughters birth day party this past summer and there was about 20 or more people attending. They lapped up every drop of that ice-cream and never knew that it was made with goat milk and didn't they believe me when I told them.

This makes a small batch in your kitchen aid freezer or any ice-cream freezer
(I love my kitchen aid ice-cream attachment)

4 Cups goat milk
1 can sweeten condensed milk
2 teaspoons vanilla

If your using a kitchen aid attachment, refrigerate all ingredients before you begin.  Mix them all together, turn on mixer and slowly pour in.