Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ayam Cemani / Black Chicken

Come on over to the dark'll be glad that you did.  We have a new breed on the farm, It's the Ayam Cemani.  We've actually had it for well over a year now.  Early this past spring we also traveled to Greenfire farms and picked up some started young birds of this breed to work with on our breeding project of the Ayam Cemani.

Absolutely mesmerizing sums up the description of this magnificent bird.  The Ayam Cemani is one of the rarest breeds of poultry in the US.  This ink black bird originates from the jungles of Indonesia where it's black meat is thought to have mystical and medicinal powers.  Yes I said black meat.  The comb is black, the skin is black, the bones are black and the meat is black.

 The Ayam Cemani are very hardy, easy to handle and low maintenance. The chicks are very strong, active, sturdy little guys.   This breed is very easily tamed to be a friendly back yard chicken.  The Ayam Cemani are  great free rangers and absolutely stunning to see roaming around your yard.  The roosters dance and strut from the moment you let them out of the coop until you shut them back up.

The hens are good layers, I was actually very surprised at what good layers they are.  They lay a cream colored egg, not a black egg, darn it. Our hens laid all winter long, which was also a nice surprise.  They also lay a rather large egg for the size of this bird.
The Ayam Cemani breed is for the true poultry enthusiasts, if you like eye candy in your yard this is the bird for you. 

The hens are just as stunning as the Roosters. If you love the challenge of breeding poultry, this breed is absolutely a bird you will love! Please do your homework before purchasing the Cemani, this is not a get rich quick breed. You need an understanding of the Fibro gene.
Our farm has proof of origin for our breeders, if a farm cannot provide that, buyer beware! 

 Yes they truly are black from the inside out.  Whether they have mystical or medicinal powers, I'll leave that for you to decide...

Have a great day.