Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Splash Marans - One Of My Favorite Of The Marans

Splash Marans

The Splash Marans have been an over looked breed on our farm for far too long.  I've decided it's time we stop doing that.  The beautiful Splash Marans are the off spring of the Blue Copper Marans, which has also been an over looked breed for many years.  Chicken fanciers are beginning to discover the Blue Copper Marans this year but are still slow to recognize the Splash Marans .  There has always been so much hype over the French Black Copper Marans that no one ever gave much attention to The Blue copper and the Splash and in my opinion are such pretty birds.

The only way to get a Splash Marans is by breeding a Blue Copper Marans,  with Blue Copper Marans.  The Blue gene is not a dominate gene so when breeding blue poultry you will get 50% blues, 25% black and 25% splash chicks.  These beautiful chicks are a lovely sky blue with yellow bellies when they hatch.

No two Splash Marans will ever look alike with their spots and dots.  As they mature they continue to color and spot.  It takes a good year or longer for a bird to fully color out.

This is a young cockerel, as he grows and matures he will get a nice rust or copper colored head.

The great thing about the Splash Marans, they will also give you a lovely dark egg.  
So don't over look the Splash Marans when making your poultry wish list.  We now offer the Splash Marans chicks on our website, we also have beautiful started pullets.  The young hen pictured in this blog is available for purchase now.  Head over to the website / to place your order.
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