Wednesday, March 7, 2018

All Natural Rodent Repellent - Rid Your Farm Of Mice

Larry and I have lived on this farm for 23 years and I must say a lot has changed over those years.  For the past 12 years we've operated a poultry breeding farm and hatchery right here in rural Illinois.  If you had asked me 23 years ago what we would do on this farm, I would have never said chicken farming but I can honestly say I feel blessed beyond measure!

Well, down to business now, I want to talk to you about mice and rats.  For the past 12 years, the more poultry we've added to the farm the more mice that we also accumulate.  Too many mice can become a real problem.   Once the mice move into the barns it's not long and you'll see rats and with rats comes a hole different kind of craziness!!  Larry makes bait buckets to put mouse poison in so that dogs and chickens aren't able to get to the bait.  This works pretty well but we've been using this method for years and it's gotten to the point that it really no longer works.   We're tired of spending hundreds of dollars every year just to kill mice.  Price a bucket of mouse poison, it's not cheap.

This is where the all natural mouse repellent comes into the story...

For the past 12 years we had no outdoor cats here on the farm, there wasn't really room in the barns for them to roam around, so we we just didn't have a cat.

This is Missy, there's really nothing special about her, she's not really very beautiful BUT she repels mice and rats like crazy!!  All Natural, no poison.  She is a hunting machine!!  She patrols 2 barns, a pullet shed, a brooder shed and a Morton building all by herself.
She climbs the wire pens and goes in and out of places I never thought she could go and she never offers to bother the chickens.
I think within the next month or so she will have eradicated the mice here at the CSP.
Good job Missy you win the Employee of the month award, sorry Lane and Heather :)

I recommend the all natural rodent repellent, it works great!! She is also very entertaining while gathering eggs :)

I have a quick story for you about little Missy, after I got Missy we had several other cats that just showed up (someone so nicely dumped on us) and my grand daughters had just lost a cat so I decided to send Missy and Barny home with my sweet grand daughters.  My son told me that when they went to check on Missy the next morning that she had disappeared.  Well two weeks later Missy showed back up at our farm, it was about a 15 to 20 mile walk for her and it took her two weeks to get back home.  So Missy is hear to stay.  I didn't know cats also had an inside compass.

Have a great day and instead of buying a bucket of poison buy a bag of cat food.