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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bartering With Poultry

Over the years while answering emails from all of you chicken folks out there in chicken land, I started noticing your email address or business names that you email me from.  I often notice if you operate your own business or if you sell something I might be interested in.  Like I've told you so many times before, we meet some very nice and interesting people in this business. While talking to people on the phone they often tell me about the businesses they operate and I begin to inquire as to what they do or what they sell.  If I am interested in their product, sometimes I ask if they would be interested in bartering for their poultry.  Usually people are a little taken back by the question but then thrilled with trading their product for ours.  Sure it's nice to be paid for our poultry but it's even more fun to try out someone else's product.  This past year I've bartered 4 times, we received some great products and I hope to do more in the future.
Here's a look at some of things we bartered for.  The person trading always received either chicks or young pullets from us.

My first experience with bartering took place when a gentleman sent me an email inquiring about young pullets, and I noticed at the bottom of his email it said Boom Brothers Coffee.  When I answered his email about the pullets I asked if he sold coffee, he said "Well yes I do why don't you check out my website".  So that's what I did.  He has some very neat names for his coffee.  Since his last name is Boom he uses that name in all his coffee varieties. Some of my favorites so far are Sonic Boom, Boom Blend, Badda Boom Badda Bing, Lower the Boom, Ka Boom and my all time favorite is the Velvet Hammer! 
I asked him if he would be interested in trading coffee for pullets, he said that sounded good to him, so that's what we did.  We have now traded coffee for birds twice with Mr. Boom and I'll tell you it's some of the best coffee I've ever had!  If you like coffee and enjoy trying new flavors and blends you will not be disappointed with Boom Brothers Coffee.  Check out his Coffee store at http://boombros.com/  make sure you order something, it makes a great Christmas gift!

A Gentleman called this past spring wanting to order Rumpless Araucana chicks for his wife.  We talked for awhile and he asked where we are located.  I told him Illinois and he said that he was from Arkansas and that he comes to our area every year for a craft fair.  I asked him what kind of craft he produced and he told me about is beautiful rolling pins, pasta cutters, biscuit cutters, kids tops and much more.  Once again I threw out the prospect of doing some trading.  He thought that sounded like a great idea.  I told him what I'd like to have, he sent me a box full of beautiful hand made items and in return I sent him a box of chirping chicks.  The man that makes these items does not have a website but I'm sure he would love your business, his name is Leon Hoffman and his phone number is 870-496-2559.  He will take orders and mail them out to you.  Leon does very nice work and I'm very happy with everything he sent me. 

I've bartered twice now with our great friends Judy and Steve Webb.  Steve is a life long beef and grain farmer.  He grows some of the best beef cattle around our area.  If any of you locals ever want to order a beef to put in the freezer, give him a call he'll set you up.  Steve likes to have a new flock of laying hens each year to insure he has fresh bacon and eggs each morning so we're happy to share.  We are especially happy to help when Judy comes bartering with beef roasts.  Just joking with you about the hens Steve, I know there Judy's hobby flock and we thank you for the delicious beef!

Bartering is fun, give it a try sometime.  I think I'm on the look out for some fresh harvested honey...
Leave us a comment, tell us about your bartering experiences.
Have a Blessed day!

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