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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Enjoying Fall with Melissa

I have a hard time choosing my favorite season.  More than having one favorite, I tend to enjoy the change that comes with each new season.  Within the last couple of weeks the weather in Southern Illinois has definitely started to feel like fall.  We have officially changed our closets over to warmer clothes and put all of our jackets out for easy access.  Harvest has been in full swing on the family farm and as of this week the guys have almost finished.  There is a feeling of relief and excitement that comes with the last acres being harvested!

Trying to get the last couple acres of bean cut before the rain.

 Since Daddy's work slowed a bit and rain moved in he got to participate in taking the girls Trick-or-Treating.  Halloween is not my favorite holiday and I have some mixed feelings about it, but we do let the girls dress up in non-scary customs and go visit a few friends and family.  I love to make my girls costumes and this year I let the older two girls pick what they wanted to be.  Ella loves all things princess.  I was not surprised when she wanted to dress-up like Cinderella.  Emma decided to be a purple lady bug.  When she first told me of her plans I tried to explain that lady bugs are red so she would be a red lady bug.  Then I thought, "She is three years old.  If she would like to be a purple lady bug then she can be!"  So a purple lady bug she was!  Our littlest girl Eva wore a butterfly costume that had been passed down from big sister.  I was able to get fabric and felt to make the big girls costumes on sale so it was very cost effective, and the girls loved the fact that I made them.  I know that someday they will probably decide that they prefer store bought things instead of what I make, so I am enjoying making things for them while I can.

Our family.

Emma the purple lady bug.


Our little butterfly.
Our family is always changing, much like the seasons and we are trying make sure we are taking it all in.  I hope that your fall has been a blessed one so far.  Leave us a comment and let us know how you have been enjoying fall.  Your comments make our day!!


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