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Monday, November 4, 2013

Moving A 24 Ft. Building - The Farm Is A Constant Work In Progress

Last week our neighbor listed a building for sale on Face Book and I happened to see her listing and inquired about it.  It is a 10 x 24 ft. nice sized building and she had it priced very reasonably.  She had used the shed for quite a few years to raise her Yorkie puppies in and it served the purpose well but she had stopped raising puppies and no longer needed this building.  It is
equipped with cages, sink, air-conditioning, and heat.  Really it's a little fancy for raising chickens in but we couldn't pass it up.

Larry called a local business that builds sheds and asked them if they would happen to be able to move it for us and the young kid that answered the phone said sure no problem.  He assured us he could pick it up, move it, sit it anywhere we wanted and level it.  So the race was on to beat the rain and get it moved.
I must say we were a little skeptical when a young kid that looked like he couldn't be over 20 years old showed up by himself with a 20 Ft. trailer to pick up a 24Ft building.  Although within just a couple of minutes of watching him work our minds were put at ease and this young man knew exactly what he was doing.

He had no trouble loading the building at the neighbors house and then once he got to our farm with it he had no trouble backing the trailer and building into a very tight spot we had picked out. 
It was really pretty amazing to watch as he placed the building right in the spot we needed.  He operated the trailer with a hand held remote and was able to unload, and level the building without ever getting back into the truck and did it all by remote.

Leveling the building went quickly.  The whole process from picking up the building, moving it down the road and sitting on our farm took all of about 1 hour or less.  Now the real work begins, hooking it to power and water, I bet that won't go so quickly, sounds like a project for spring.
We hope to use the building for young pullets.  When customers place a pullet order, the young birds are caught up on a Saturday to get ready for a Monday shipment.  It takes a lot of cage space for all the birds.  We are hoping this will make that process go even more smoothly. 
Hope you enjoyed a peek into the farm happenings.
Have a Great Day!


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