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Friday, December 6, 2013

Tis The Season

I love the changing of the seasons and how with each one comes something beautiful and new in our surroundings.  This past week we had some unseasonably warm weather here in Illinois and I headed  out to enjoy it because it won't be here long.  Like they say, if you don't like the weather in Southern
IL. wait a couple of hours and it'll change.

We have about 16 acres of land, which is not a lot but plenty of room to go on a good hike.   I decided I was on the lookout for pine cones, evergreen boughs and berries,  just anything pretty to bring into the house to make a winter arrangement and decorate my old mantel.
About 8 years ago we planted between 500 and 700 Christmas trees on our property and they are just now beginning to get big enough to cut.  We have nowhere near the amount that we planted, the deer love to eat them and scrap them with their antlers, so we now probably have about half remaining. Right after we planted all of those trees, we also started selling hatching eggs, which then grew into selling chicks and has continued to grow.  Needless to say the Christmas trees have been greatly neglected.
I love cutting the Spruce boughs with the blue berries, I guess they are juniper berries, not sure.
This year I noticed we have Bittersweet vines to cut from.  Apparently they are an invasive species but I kind of like it.
Found a sweet little finch nest very low to the ground, this will look cute on my Christmas tree.
Once I got back to the house I arranged some of the pretty greenery and Bittersweet into my old coal bucket to leave sitting outside the door.
The little nest adds a cute touch to the Christmas Tree.
The old mantel is all decked out for Christmas.
I always like to cut enough to make a few little arrangements, stick some in baskets and just lay it around on shelves.  It adds a nice look and doesn't cost a dime.  Take a few minutes for a walk, you might be surprised at the pretty things nature has to offer.
Have a Blessed Weekend!

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