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Friday, March 21, 2014

Light Sussex - Is This The Breed For You

The Light Sussex can be traced back thousands of years and believed to have been brought to England by Roman invaders.  In 2007 Greenfire farms imported this beautiful bird to the US along with the Coronation Sussex and caused quit a stir in the poultry industry and their popularity continues to grow with each passing year as more and more people become aware of this rare bird.
The Light Sussex is a dual purpose breed, meaning that it can be used for eggs and also a great meat bird.  It didn't take us long here on the farm to find out which birds are the best for dual purpose. I know that thought can be offensive to some people who only keep chickens as pets but the truth is, we live on a farm and we grow a lot of chicken one of which is half roosters, most customers don't want a rooster, so what do you do with all of those unwanted roosters?  Well, they go to good use.  All of our poultry are raised humanly and those that are used for food are killed humanly.

The Light Sussex is a very striking white bird with black tail, lacy black collar and pearlescent legs. They are good layers of a pinkish cream egg.  They will go broody, we have had several Sussex hens raise chicks here on the farm and they make great mothers.  Nothing better than watching a hen with chicks.

They are an extremely friendly, curious, docile bird. Even from the first week of life this is the breed that will run up to your hand in the brooder box while the other breeds are running away.   I'm sure these are the attributes that have kept this breed around for hundreds of years. Who doesn't want a bird that is both a good utility bird and friendly. If you happen to need a quite hen this is the bird for you, the rooster on the other hand is not, if you need a good alarm clock he's the guy for you.  The roosters are also very friendly and docile, one of my favorites on the farm to photograph, they will get up close, look right into the camera and pose for me with absolutely no fear.  If your looking for the perfect chicken pet for the back yard, that will also be good with kids look no farther than the Light Sussex.

Love those fat bottom girls!!
Have a great weekend.

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