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Friday, October 3, 2014

Farm Happenings - Fixing the ditch and ending up in a bind

This past summer we've had several torrential down pours that have been very hard on our old poultry barn.  The barn completely flooded twice, which is a huge mess.  It is hard on the birds, egg production and the farmer who take care of the birds.  Well the farmer decided he was going to fix this problem once and for all.  A small creek that runs along side the barn is needing to be straightened up and dug out deeper.  We once had horses and they walked the sides of the creek down to a point it now wants to flow through our barn.  Seems there is always something needing fixed around here.
Larry has a small Ford tractor with a scoop on the rear and so the work began.  Farmer Larry sometimes thinks he can go anywhere and do anything on his little tractor.  The work was going along pretty good for awhile and he was making great progress and then he pulled the tractor down into a deep part of the ditch and I thought to myself "this is not good."

It's amazing how quickly things can turn ugly.

He looks at me and says "now what?"  He didn't like my response of "well I don't think I would have drove down in there."  Now the real work begins.  My brother in law, Gary brings his 4 wheel drive truck out and gives it a few good pulls, without budging it one bit.
The old Ford is in a bind.  So what do you do when your in a bind?  You call  J & R Towing.  They'll unbind you.

Jason Irvin, the tow truck driver took a look at the tractor and said "wow how'd you do that?"  

In just a couple of minutes Jason had it winched up and out of the ditch.
Thanks for the help Jason!

The old Ford gets a much needed bath and all is well on the chicken farm.  Farmer Larry is not a follower of the blog, so you locals keep your mouth shut that you seen me post this.  I just like to share the farm happenings and let you know it's not all baby chick fluff and pretty eggs all the time. Sometimes we sling a little mud. 
Have a great weekend!

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