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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Checking The Progress Of Our Bee Hives

Last week we checked on the bees just to see what kind of progress they're making on honey production.  We started out with two hives last spring but as I shared with you this spring, both hives swarmed early in the spring.  I was able to catch both swarms and started new hives with them but in case you are also new to bee keeping, when they swarm it really is not a good thing.

 The bees are working very hard and have made great progress.  Last year we got about two gallons of honey from one hive, this year I'm not sure if we'll get any.  The main concern now at this point is for them to have enough honey to get through the long winter months.

They still have the month of September to work on the frames so we might still be able to pull a small amount of honey from at least one hive.  Come on little bees work faster!

Right before the bees swarm they gorge themselves on honey and then half of the workers move with the swarm.  This put the hive they just vacated at a loss of honey and workers and those that left in the swarm are also at a loss of honey and workers.  It basically puts both hives at a deficit for a whole year.
Come early spring, before the maples begin to bloom, we need to be ready to juggle the empty frames and add more honey suppers.  I have the whole winter to read and get prepared.  I thought I did that last year, oh well.
Any of you experienced bee keepers out there, feel free to give some advise at any time.
Bees are very interesting creatures and even though we would like to think we have some control over this bee endeavor, we really do not.
Have a great day!

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