Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Boost A Chick Hydrating Gel - Poultry Shipping Gel

Out of complete desperation two years ago I began the process of creating a hydrating gel for shipping our poultry.  We had used a gel that's been on the market for several years now but it just wasn't performing as we needed and we were experiencing high mortality rates with our chick shipments.   We've shipped chicks now for around 10 years and when we first began, the postal system would get them  to their destitution in a very timely manner but for the last couple of years that has all changed and now the postal system gives themselves three days to deliver poultry.   Well as you can imagine that doesn't work out so well for live animals. 

We needed a product that could stay fresh for several days and provide what the poultry needed in the way of nutrition, hydration and beneficial bacteria no mater the age or size of the bird.  I've tested our product for two shipping seasons and made a few changes here and there.  Our mortality rates dropped, which was my goal all along.

Boost A Chick Hydrating Gel can be used to ship all bird species, quail, ducks, turkeys...if it needs nutrition and hydration, then you need Boost A Chick Gel.

The gel product that we used in the past would spoil and smell bad after the first day, I needed a gel that would stay fresh for three to four days in the mail.  I finally achieved that goal, I feel totally equipped and ready for this years shipments.
The gel is easy to use, just mix with water.  We glue plastic cups in the corners of the boxes and the hatch-lings have easy access to nutrition.

You can purchase this product from our website or Etsy shop.  If I never sell a single package I'll still be completely happy using it for my own shipments.  I hate to keep it to myself when I know how well it works and there has to be other small farms that can benefit from this product.

Boost A Chick Hydrating Gel is available in 500 dose or 2000 dose packages.

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