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Explore the blog, Then Check out our website
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Friday, May 31, 2013

Adventures in egg hatching part 1- with Melissa

Summer is upon us and we have some exciting things happening in our home!  When Aunt Angie and I started talking about working on the blog together we discussed how she would love if I raised some of her chicks and could share about all the fun we had with them.  More recently she shared with me that her good friends over at  Brinsea had very generously sent her an incubator to try hatching chicks out of.  While I was a little apprehensive about trying to hatch chicks with such a busy home we decided that this would be a good opportunity for me to "get my feet wet".

The incubator that Brinsea sent us is the Mini Advance High Performance egg incubator.  It holds 7 eggs and turns them automatically for me.  (Let's face the facts... I have three small children if the incubator does not turn them, they probably are not going to get turned like they should be.)  When we opened the box and I pulled out the instructions I was a little intimidated.  There seemed to be a lot of information, once I started reading the instructions it all made sense and I was able to set it up with no problems.

Beautiful eggs!

My girls are very excited about having our own chickens!  They helped put the eggs in, and have been keeping tabs on them each day.  My oldest daughter Ella was convinced I told her it would only take three days to hatch our eggs.  What I actually said was three weeks. She has probably asked about 50 times if the eggs will hatch today, tomorrow, in a little while etc.  I count it quite an achievement that we put the eggs in the incubator with none getting busted.  My middle daughter Emma has lightening fast hands and not a gentle bone in her body.  As she was putting her egg in I was having flashbacks of egg dyeing at Easter.  Egg dye splashing everywhere and busted eggs!  Oh my!  She managed to put her egg in ever so slowly.  Mommy was proud!  I think she will do great with the chicks.  Now we are anxiously awaiting their arrival!

I just love this little hand!

Up close quality inspection

If all of that was not exciting enough for you listen to this news!  Not only did our friends at  Brinsea give us an incubator to use they will also be sending one to a lucky person at the end of this hatching experience.  As I share the progress of our egg hatching I will also share how you can have a chance to win that incubator.  Be sure and go check out  Brinsea's web page.  They have everything you need for hatching and raising  chickens and most any other bird.  Thanks again to them for helping us go on this egg hatching adventure!

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Hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. I would like to be a follower! I have been trying to win one of those little incubators for a while now. I am a begginer backyard chicken raiser Grandma!And I am slowley collecting chickens I have never heard of and slowley collecting all I need to raise them. The other backyard raisers have tought me so much about the care, feed and lots of other things! I think I'm hooked!lol
    Pat Garcia
    Burnet,Texas 78611

    1. Hey pat to follow us just look on the left hand side of the blog page and there is a little box on the left hand side of the blog page that says follow us by email. Just put your email in there and you will get all our updates. Thanks for reading and commenting!