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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Feathering Your Nest

I can see from Aunt Angie's post that things on the farm are quite busy!  Even though we are not raising chickens in our home (yet) things are equally busy most of the time.   Last week our church was in revival.  This meant that we had church each night, I cooked for the guest preacher and his family all but two nights, and still had to take care of all of my mom duties.  It was a wonderful yet exhausting week.  While all that was going on I was still attempting to sew during naptime in preparation for the "Ruffles and Rust" flea market and craft fair I am a part of.  On Friday evening bad weather settled in on us and it rained all weekend.  The craft fair was canceled and while I was disappointed it was also quite a blessing.  Now there is an extra week to prepare and I don't feel quite so rushed.  

I thought you all might like to know about the market since it is now being held this Saturday May, 11th.  It is going to be at a very neat store called The Nest.  If you are near southern Illinois it would be well worth your time to come check it out.  There will be vendors of all kinds.  If the store is any indication of the cute things that will be there then it will be a very fun day!

Lots of sewing has been going on and I'll give you a sneak peek of what will be in my booth. Pillowcase dresses are perfect for the hot and humid summertime weather that will be here before we know it!   I have several different sizes and some very cute design choices. 

For babies I have some boutique style burp clothe sets, taggie snugglers and applique onsies for boys and girls.  All of these make perfect baby shower gifts!

One of my personal favorites are my out-n-about wristlets.  These are prefect for ladies on the go.  It is a zipper pouch just big enough for all of your cards, cash, and checkbook ect.  Since I rarely carry a purse separate from our diaper bag my wristlet is essential.  I have many different color and pattern combinations.

I have some new home décor items ready for “Ruffles and Rust”.  Making these pillows and table runners was so fun!

Like I said if you are in the Southern Illinois area and have some free time on Saturday come and   checkout the “Ruffles and Rust” flea market!  It will be located at The Nest in Mt.Vernon, IL.  If you are like me and often rely on GPS to get me where I want to go here is the address:

1800 Waltonville Rd, Mount Vernon, IL 62864

If you get to come out be sure and look up the Naptime Stitches Boutique booth!  Hope to see you there finding the perfect things to “feather your nest with”!  

God Bless!  
**  The Nest store has a Facebook page.  Search for Nest and you should be able to find it.

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  1. Melissa, I got tired just reading about your week! I love all the things you are making and hope you have a good time at Ruffles and Rust.