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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Finishing your pillow

Good morning!  I hope that you have had plenty of time to finish the first part of your scrappy egg pillow.  If you are reading today and have know idea what I am talking about, then look back to the Let's Get Stitching post and you can find Part 1 of this sewing tutorial.

1.  To start we will take the front and back of our pillow and place them right sides together.  Before sewing them together make sure that they are lined up well.  After doing this sew down two outside edges parallel to each other. ( I know its early in the day for talk of parallels and such!)  Sewing like this will keep the fabric from shifting, you will end up with a much more square pillow.

2.  After you have sewn two sides turn and sew the third.  On the forth side I like to start at each corner and sew into the middle leaving a two or three inch gap.  The gap is required to turn and stuff the pillow.

3.  Before you turn the pillow right side out go to each corner and trim the very tip off the fabric.  Be careful not to trim into the stitching.  If you do that you will have a hole in your pillow.

4. You are ready to turn the pillow right side out.  When doing this I turn the pillow and then use the tip of a pencil to push out the corners making them all look them same.

5.  The pillow is now right side out and you should be feeling pretty excited because it looks so cute!  Now take your poly-fill and start filling it up.  I usually start in the corners because that seems to be the hardest place to get it nice and full.  If you are having trouble evenly stuffing use the end of a wooden spoon or a dowel rod to push the filler around until it is lump free.

6.  Last you need to stitch up the hole left in your pillow.  I find it easiest to tuck the stuffing in and iron the edges so that they are folded in.  Hand stitch the hole closed.  The pillow is finished and should look like this! 

It is such a nice feeling to complete a project.  I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and will give it a try.  If you made a pillow be sure and leave a comment so I know how it went for you. 

In Part 1 of this post I said that if you left a comment you would be entered to win some scrap fabric for your egg pillow.  We only had one comment, so Diane is our winner!  Thanks for the encouraging words Diane!  

Hope you all have a great day and find some time to do something that you love!

God Bless 


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