Explore the blog, Then Check out our website

Explore the blog, Then Check out our website
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Adventures in Egg Hatching: We Have Chicks!!

I just wanted to drop in a let you all know that our chicks hatched and are all doing great!  Today I'll give you a sneak peek of the cuties, and then tomorrow I'll be back to share their hatching story.  You won't want to miss it because it was a pretty exciting event and I will be revealing the winner of the incubator!!

Here is short video of Ella teaching the chicks how to eat!  The little girl and chicks are pretty cute!!

Six fluffy chicks!

Please don't forget about the Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator giveaway! You only have until tomorrow at noon to get your name in the drawing.  If you have friends who might be interested send them our way so they can get their name in too.  You have to be a follower of the Chicken Scratch blog (do this by giving us your email on the blog (there is a box that says become a follower.. type it in there), like the Brinsea facebook page, and share our facebook update about the giveaway.  To let us know you have done all of these leave us a comment and tell us your Brinsea "dream item" and make sure it has your e-mail address in the comment.  If you click here it will take you directly to the blogpost about the Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator giveaway.

Thanks again to the folks over at Brinsea for letting us use their incubator to hatch our chicks and to Aunt Angie for giving us terrific eggs!  I feel like much of our success can be contributed to a great incubator.. this has all been a learning experience for me and if I had been using an unreliable incubator I don't think things would have gone this well!  Tune in tomorrow to find out if you are the winner and to hear about how our eggs hatched.

See ya soon!


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