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Monday, July 15, 2013

A Quick Temporary Fix for Flat Tiller Tires

We always plant a rather good sized garden each year and when doing that you need a tiller you can rely on.  Every year it seems Larry struggles with flat tires on the tiller so this year he decided he was going to make a plan to fix this problem.  My sister in-laws will understand when I say, if there's a chance this McEwen man can fix it on his own he will never buy new ones and never let anyone else fix it for him.
Larry said " Hun get your camera we're going to teach folks how to fix a flat tiller tire."  I'm thinking most folks probably just go get them fixed Hun.  So here we go.   

Drill bit size 3/8
Turkey baster (from wife's kitchen) 
1 can of spray foam insulation
2 flat tires :) 
Begin by drilling 7 holes along the wall of the tire.
Fill your turkey baster with about 2 tablespoons of water and squirt the water into one hole in the tire that you have drilled.  The spray in foam needs the water in order to cure.
(next by a new turkey baster for the kitchen)
Now your ready to use the foam insulation, who knew it had so many uses
Insert straw into the holes you drilled and spray foam for 3 seconds in each hole.
Now your tire is full of foam.
As it begins to sit and cure it will continue to expand and bulge out of the holes.  very interesting!
Let the tire sit and cure 1 day.
The next day, pull the ugly bulges off of the tire, you might also need to cut them off.  I see he has also stolen my butcher knife from the kitchen.
To finish them up you can use a piece of sand paper to sand off the remaining foam.  You are now ready to put your tires back on the tiller and get after those weeds.
Hope you have a productive gardening season.
Angie & Larry


  1. Can i do this with my 5 x 5 garden cart too? One tire is always going flat!

  2. Hi
    I can't guarantee this will work on your garden cart. Like I say I'm sure this is just a temporary fix. Can't hurt to try.

  3. ROFL, a true McEwen fix! Us McEwen wives usually roll our eyes, but we also know that it will probably work, it will save us money, and getting a new turkey baster every year isn't a problem!

    1. I knew you would understand what I was getting at in this blog!!