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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Let's Make Our Own Makeup!

Hey there everyone this is Melissa and today we are going to take a departure from our usual chicken and farm topics.  A few months ago I saw a recipe for making homemade tinted face powder.  Like usual I looked at the recipe thought how neat and never wrote it down or saved it.  Bummer.  Then fast forward a couple of weeks and on a Sunday morning I dropped my compact on the floor and busted my remaining powder everywhere.  Now I try not to be a terribly high maintenance kind of gal… but I have to admit that I go NO WHERE without makeup.  I admire women who can, but I just do not.   My brain immediately went into fix it mode and I remembered the recipe I had seen.  I quickly tried to find it with no success.  The only two ingredients I could remember were cornstarch and cocoa powder.  (The recipe may have only had the two ingredients.)  I grabbed my cornstarch and cocoa and set to work making some tinted powder.  While I was making it I thought to myself “This will probably get me through today but really who wears cornstarch and cocoa powder on their face?” Much to my surprise when I applied the powder to my face I could tell no difference between it and my normal powder, other than the slight smell of cocoa that followed me for a while.  When I returned home from church my makeup still looked like normal.  So the next day after I applied my normal liquid foundation I gave it another try and I was once again very pleased with the results.  I have been using the makeup now for a good month with no ill effects to my skin.  As all of you know makeup is expensive, the powder I used to use was about $10.00 and I went through one compact in about a month.  This little recipe cost next to nothing and I use the same amount as I did before.  I love to save a little money here and there on things that I can make myself, and this just seemed to good not to share! 

Here is the recipe:

About 3 TBS Cornstartch
Cocoa Powder (Make sure you use baking cocoa, not chocolate milk mix.  Big difference in the two!)

Since everyone’s complexion is different the amount of Cocoa you should add will vary from person to person.  I am very fair so I did not have to use more than 1 tsp of Cocoa.  Basically I put my cornstarch in bowl added a little cocoa stirred it until it all combined.  Then I put a little on my skin to see how it blended in, then added a little more cocoa and repeated the process until I had the shade I needed.   I put the finished product in my old compact and it works like a charm.

Here is the finished product.  

I hope all of you ladies out there will give this a try, then leave me a comment and let us know what you think!

Have a great week!

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  1. Hey Melissa! I wanted to let you know I tried this today and loved it! I like it better than the powder I was already using. Thanks so much for sharing :)