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Friday, October 11, 2013

Moving Back to the Farm

In the last couple of months our family has experienced many changes.  If you have read my previous post you may have picked up on the fact that my husband has been a full time pastor for the last almost four years.  Before that he farmed full-time with his dad on their family’s grain farm.  When Noah asked me to marry him I knew that I would be a pastor and farmers wife, I welcomed that with all of the challenges and blessings it would bring. We had been married about 4 years when we knew we were supposed to leave the farm and go into full-time ministry

Visiting with Daddy.

In the last several months it became apparent that God was calling and drawing us once again, but this time to leave the church that we were serving in.  To be honest I wrestled and struggled with what God was asking us to do.  I love the church we served, and did not understand the timing in all of this.  After much talking, tears, and prayer I realized that this step was God’s will for us.  We decided that Noah should go back to farming with his Dad.  This will allow him to preach as he feels lead, and we can minister in some new ways.  I hope that once harvest slows that we can open our home to the people in our area, getting to know those around us. 

The "big" farm girls.
There have been so very many tears shed over the fact that we have moved an hour away from our very best friends in the world.  Praise the Lord for facebook, phones, and the fact that we can afford gas to keep the roads hot going to see them!  With the tears came the excitement of moving back to the farm.  We were able to move back into our first home.  It was my husband’s grandparents’ home.  Before we were married we spent many hours working on this house to get it livable, Ella was born while we lived here, and we enjoyed so many great memories here.  Since our family has grown by two little girls, 5 chickens, and a whole lot of stuff it is a little tighter than the last time we lived here.

Our littlest farmer.

It has been fun to see the girls explore and take in all that farm life has to offer.  They love going to visit Daddy while he is working in the field.  Ella says, “The semi is the coolest truck ever!”  The chickens are enjoying their new home as well.  Bugs are plentiful when your house is surrounded by soy beans, so they are loving life on the farm.   It is neat to get up in the morning and look out over a bean field that is owned by my husband’s family and to look out at the old barn and realize that his grandpa built it.  There is a long legacy of farming and ministry here and we are considering it a blessing to get to take part in both.

Little on the hunt for some bugs.
God has been good to us!  Even when I don’t understand His timing and question Him all the way, he still blesses my reluctant obedience. 
Have a Blessed Weekend!
Melissa Schlag

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