Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New Breed On The Farm - Mint Cream Bar, Green Egg Layer

I love colored eggs if you haven't figured that out before now.  Eggs and birds in general have always fascinated me.  The fact that poultry paint such a lovely palette is very enticing, go ahead and admit it your enchanted by those beautiful colors also.   Chickens and their genetics are amazing!! 
Because of  my love for bewitching egg color, I began a year ago messing around with creating a new green age layer.  It's been about 10 years now since we created the Olive Egger and it's time to see what more can be achieved in shades of green...

Creating a new breed of chicken can take years of work and waiting to see if your efforts have provided what your looking for.  Each  tweak we make can take up to a year or longer before we know if the change was a success or do we need to head back to the barn and begin again.  You must have patience when working with poultry. 

Our goal is to create  beautiful shades of green eggs, including moss green, mint green and olive green.  This takes years of work and we're in the beginning stages.  I'm enjoying what I'm seeing so far and ready to begin sharing them with our customers but at the same time we've  began the next phase in the process, which will take another year before we know if the change we made is a success.

Did you know poultry that lay colored eggs depending on what breed, they color their eggs in different ways.  Some poultry color the egg  by applying the color to the outside of the shell.  While others color the shell all the way through.  Next time you crack a colored egg open go ahead and peel back the membrane on the inside of the shell and take a look at the color of the shell from the inside of the egg.  If it's a brown egg you will notice that the inside of the shell is white.  Chickens are amazing!!

This Army drab green egg is blue on the inside.  Marvelous Chickens!

We're excited about the Mint Cream Bar / Green Egg Layer and can't wait to share it with others who fancy a colorful basket of eggs.
We're accepting chick and started pullet orders now for spring
shipments.  Hope you'll be adding the Mint Cream Bar to your chick wish list. 

Head over to the website and begin your chick wish list.

Have a blessed day!

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