Thursday, January 3, 2019

Lavender Wyandotte - New Chicken Breed On The Farm

 We have a new breed of poultry here on the farm that we're excited to finally share.  We have actually had them since the spring of 2016 when we drove down to Greenfire farm and picked them up, but just as we got them raised up to egg production age, we had an opossum get in their pen and kill all of my hens except for one.  So it's been a long time recovering form that disaster.  We will only be able to fill small orders of chicks on this breeds since we're working with such a small flock.  We also will only sell day old chicks for now and no started pullets on the Lavender Wyandottes.  Now let me tell you all about this beautiful bird.  

Lavender Wyandottes have taken an interesting route to arrive in your backyard coop.  They have an Indian name but they're an American chicken that get many of their genetics from Europe.  Wyandottes  have been in America since 1870 and got their beginning in New York and Massachusetts, no one to this day knows what mix of breeds created the Wyandotte but some debate that the Hamburg contributed to the neat rose comb that is evident in the breed.  The Wyandotte name comes from the Northeastern tribe of Native Americans, the Wyandotte Nation.

In the 21st Century a new wonderful color was added to the Wyandotte gene pool, Allan Brooker, a Briton spent a decade breeding Wyandottes and was able to create the most convincing lavender chicken anyone had ever seen.  Even at hatch the chicks are deep lavender in color.

The beautiful lavender color is set off with the bright red comb and yellow legs, which make for a stunning  appearance.
Lavender Wyandottes are slow to mature and lay a light pastel pinkish colored egg.  The young juvenile roosters are a bit aggressive but as they mature into adults they're very gentile and sociable.  The hens are also a very docile bird.  

I want to take a moment to thank all of our customers for making 2018 such a great year, we appreciate everyone of you!  We look forward to what 2019 will bring!

Have a blessed day!


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  2. This article was really timely for me and my flock. I have a lavender Wyandotte cockeral who almost met the chopping block. After I read your opinion, I decided to give him some extra time. He's so beautiful and so big and despite being hardly handled as a chick, he's very docile with humans. I'd love more blog posts about roosters. Every year I end up having to eliminate some of the males and I wonder if I'm too hasty in my decision since I don't understand all chicken behavior. Although, I have never ordered from your farm, I love looking at your photos and blog posts.

  3. Hi, will you be offering lavender Wyandotte chicks during the 2020 season?

  4. Do you sell day-old lavender Wyandotte chicks and if you do how much are they eat and what is shipping if Price is Right might order 25 straight run