Thursday, March 21, 2019

Colorful Egg Basket - Farmers Choice Of Chicks

Looking for chicks that will produce you a colorful egg basket, let the farmher (that's me Angie) choose your chicks.  For a short time we will be offering this special deal, $160 gets you 16 chicks, shorter wait time, price includes shipping.  If you need them vaccinated it will be an extra $2 per chick.  Each week we have a variety of chicks remaining after filling orders, these chicks a lot of times are some of our most rare and expensive breeds.  We're giving you the opportunity to allow the farmher (that's me Angie)  to fill your box with the breeds she would pick for her own colorful flock :) and you know how I love a beautiful egg and pretty bird!
Several years ago we did a farm mix of chicks and the customers loved getting the mystery box and guessing what breeds they had acquired as the chicks matured.  I've had several people ask when we might offer a mixed box again.

Just think of all the color combinations and beautiful birds you could have shipped to your door!! 

They will all be our pure bred heritage stock and yes we can give you a list of the breeds we put in your box once the chicks ship out.

Pretty pastels...

Rich mahogany reds...

Not sure how long we'll offer the Colorful Egg Basket so don't miss out on this great deal.  Head over to the Website and place your order now.  We look forward to sharing some beautiful chicks with you and just imagine how colorful your egg basket will look in 6 months time.
Have a great day!

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  1. That offer sounds great! Maybe next time. This time it's hatching eggs and that will be a wonderful experience. Looking forward to their arrival this week from CSP.