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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nite Guard Solar - Free Giveaway

Nite Guard Solar - Giveaway
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Not sure about all of our readers, but we are constantly thinking of ways to keep our chickens safe.  In just one night a flock can be totally destroyed if a predator gets into your coop.  Nite Guard Solar is a great way to help keep your chickens safe from all varieties of predators.  

Nite Guard is a unit that uses a predator's instincts and fear of larger night animals to keep them away.  The solar powered unit puts out automatic flashing light from dusk until dawn to keep predators away.  When a predator approaches and see's the flashing lights, it is fooled into thinking a larger and more dangerous predator could be lurking.  Your chickens are protected because the predator never even reaches them.  

Nite Guard's website is full of information about the unit and how to use it.  Not only can it protect livestock, it can also be used to keep deer and coons from destroying gardens and landscaping.  The units are cost effective and maintenance free.  I encourage you to head over to the website niteguard.com and take a look around.

The family owned and operated Nite Gaurd Solar will be sending one of their units to one of our readers.  Just complete the steps below to enter in the drawing.  The winner will be announced September 18.

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4.  Leave us a comment telling us why you would like to win the Nite Guard, be sure to include an email address.
Check out Nite Guard!  Your flock will thank you! 

Good Luck To All
Angie & Melissa


  1. Im a fan of both pages & we own chickens that I like to keep safe not only during the day but at night too
    I love the 1 Nite Guard light we have now on our chicken coop run & would love to add another
    My email address is manddy1727@yahoo.com
    Donna Rogers

  2. We are planning for chickens in the spring and what a wonderful prize this would be to win to start our girls off right! Thanks for the contest! debbie@farmgirl-unleashed.com

  3. I lost my beautiful RIR hen who had just started laying to a fisher last fall. Any time I forget to shut the girls in the henhouse at night the little bugger comes back looking for another chicken dinner. When I'm going to be out past dark I have to find someone to put my girls to bed or I risk losing another of my flock. I'm not out late very often, but it would be nice to not have to end a visit with a friend because the sun is going down!
    -Colleen in RI

    1. my email address is printgirl21@yahoo.com!

  4. we have about a hundred quail in pens and a dozen chickens,would love to win this!callierapp@sbcglobal.net

  5. I would love one of these for my duck pen---they hate to go in their house at night and much prefer to hang in the pen in all but the worst of weather.


  6. We live in a rural area and I would LOVE to have the peace of mind that our flock is protected. Funny how attached you can get to those feather butts!! Great product!! Thanks for the chance to win one!


  7. would love to win this! i have 31 chickens of various sizes, 2 geese, and a turkey and think that they would all benefit from this and help keep them safe. BrandiHolady@yahoo.com

  8. We most definitely need the Nite Guard Solar! Last year we only lost 1 hen to a predator. This year we've lost 3 to Bobcats, 2 to Coyotes, and 1 to a hawk attack. Traps haven't worked; hunting is illegal. Our only hope is to scare them away.

  9. I treasure my flock of 26 hens (and 2 roos) and would love the added security of the Nite Guard. We live in a rural area with foxes and coyotes. Any additional protection would be greatly appreciated!

  10. My flock's safety is always on my mind. We live in a rural area with a variety of predators. This would be great to have!

  11. Where I live, there are many foxes that wander too close for comfort at times. I've lost many birds to them in the past.
    I could really use a few Nite Guards around the property to keep them far away from my chickens!

    I can be reached at Cornsilkdreamer@gmail.com

  12. I am also in a high predator area. I would love to win!! You can reach me at sparkytogo@jasperremc.org!!!

  13. Would just love to WIN!

  14. I live in an area with coyotes, raccoons, and foxes, and would love to have a Nite Guard! Did all the steps necessary :)

    rtschmitt [at] gmail [dot] com

  15. Each one of my hens has a name and a place in my heart. I have lost some of my favorite hens to foxes who visit my yard almost every day and night. There are also raccoons and coyotes that visit too. There is nothing more heartbreaking than losing a bird to a predator. There have been many nights that I get up just to check on my chickens. Some of my chickens are 10 years old and still lay eggs. They have been in my family a long time. I would really love to keep my hens safe in their coop area from these predators. Night guard sounds like a great way to do this. Laura

    I can be reached at downe981@gmail.com

  16. I have had dairy goats for years and have a LGD for them however he can't be in two places at once. I know possum, fox, and raccoon still come to visit when he's not looking. I just got a beautiful assortment of birds from you and in a few more weeks they'll be ready to go live in their new coop. I'd LOVE to have one more layer of protection for my new girls (and boys) when winter sets in and the predators get hungrier and braver. email address: nubiemancha@gmail.com

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  18. Our children Love our newly laying pullets. Especially our 9 year old daughter. She worries over them constantly. If we are in town and it begins to get dark, she rushes us home to lock up the 'girls'. A NITE GARD would give her peace-of-mind !

  19. I have a flock of about 200 chickens, 30 turkeys and 100 broilers. We raise them outside on pasture. I feel very strong about the fact that animals must be able to express their natural behavior. Them being raised outside free range but behind an electric fence, makes them prone to so many predator attacks

  20. I also am a fan of both and we have coops uphill, to the side of the house with no windows. Would love to have a Nite Guard to protect them from predators. We have coons, coyotes (heard 'em, never seen 'em) etc. Would love the security this would provide our flock.

  21. I forgot to leave my e-mail with my comment earlier today and I'd really like to win the Nite Guard. I hope it's not too late.

  22. All done!
    This would help protect my girls at night!
    Thank you!

  23. This would hopefully keep my flock safe at night.


  24. Dear Chicken Scratch Poultry,
    I purchased several Black Copper, Blue Copper, and splash marans also Blue Ameracaunas from you this year. Maybe you remember i spoke to you on the phone. My son was so excited when he returned home from vacation with his grandparents. His favorite is a splash maran with very Featherly legs. He taught it to sit on his shoulder as he feeds it raspberry seeds. I work nights and it is my sons job to put the chickens away at night. As you know we live in the great north woods of WI and when it gets dark it gets very dark. It would be nice not to have to worry about all the predators we have up here. thanks so much for the beautiful chicks this year.
    Charmaine Conroy

  25. Peace of mind when the broilers are on pasture would be awesome. The dogs can only do so much to keep us all safe.

  26. Recived my black marans 11 weeks ago and haven't lost a one healthist chicks I've ever recived. saying. that i do live in the country and lots of varmits around would love to have nightguard for protection as fall sets in and the varmits come out looking for food. thanks James. my email is busby965@gmail.com